Conditions of Sale:


This purchase is covered under warranty for a period of 90 days from invoice date, unless otherwise stated. Any defects in this product will be dealt with on a replacement, repair or refund basis to a maximum of the sale price of the item. A1 AUTOMOTIVE LIMITED shall not assume responsibility for damages, labour costs or any expenses such as towing, emergency road service, lodging or related expenses – directly or indirectly at any time during or after installation of any or all parts sold.


are guaranteed to be in good operating condition within reasonable limits of specications (i.e.) oil pressure, compression and oil consumption. While in most cases we sell our engines complete, all we are charging for, and all the customer is paying for is the block assembly with head(s). We leave accessories such as water pump, fuel pump, fuel injection, vacuum pump and/or exhaust manifolds attached for your convenience and to make the installation easier. Unless specically stated these parts are NOT covered in our warranty. A Heat Sensor Tab is installed on all engines. Warranty is void if removed or Sensor Tab centre is melted due to overheating of engine. There will be no exceptions on these Warranty Guidelines.


are guaranteed functional. Gears are guaranteed at time of purchase. Cracked or broken teeth after sale are obvious abuse and will not be warranted. New gaskets and seals should be installed before installation of part.


are guaranteed functional assemblies. Gaskets, front and rear seals should be replaced prior to installation. Damage caused by improper alignment of convertor will void warranty. Please check with transmission specialist on convertor installation to avoid damage. It is purchasers responsibility to verify proper uid type and level as determined by vehicle manufacturer.

Customer must notify A1 Automotive Limited of any faulty parts as soon as possible during or after installation or warranty will be void. Any failure as a result of improper assembly voids the warranty. Obvious abuse or operation of any assembly when low on lubricant or coolant voids the warranty.


must be accompanied by sales receipt and returned within 30 days of invoice date – not responsible for customer error Special order parts or body sections cut to order are NOT returnable. All other parts returned are subject to a 20% restocking charge and must be in the same condition as when sold. Warranty is VOID if the part has been disassembled.


are non returnable.


Failure to purchase item(s) on hold within 30 days will result in loss of deposit.